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Jillian Navarro

About The Author


Born in the late 60s in Northern California and raised by hippie parents in Berkeley, CA, I grew up in a home bursting with books which I devoured at probably too early an age.

At thirteen I won the grand prize in a short-story contest at my local library. Author Ella Thorpe Ellis was the judge and she raved: "Witty and real...original and very funny". My dreams of becoming an author officially bloomed, and although I never gave up on the dream of writing a novel, literary satisfaction took a back seat to life.

Fast-forward a half dozen or so broken hearts, thousands of muffins, glasses of pinot and perfectly seared pork loins later, and I’m a full-fledged grown-up with a husband and two delicious kids. Although I magically balance my day jobs as wife, mother and human resources professional, I never lost the desire to write. 

Some years ago I found myself without a job and caring for my sick mother.  Seeking an emotional outlet, I began writing again and soon there was a Big, Beautiful Cow in the room.


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