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Best Laid Plans

When 5 women meet in a zero to three months baby class they expected education, perhaps a little sympathy and camaraderie. What they got was life-long friendship and a realization that motherhood can bring the unlikeliest of Mommies together. Now those once-adorable infants that confounded them at every turn are twelve years old, and the Moms are turning 40. 


Each woman has a different plan for their 40th year, but you know what they say about best laid plans... 

Terri is derailed by an unexpected pregnancy; Andi, whose based her career on fitness is threatened with a debilitating health issue. Rebecca finds what she's always been looking for in a surprising place, while Abby is confronted with her past. And Val, with the help of her friends, figures out what she wants to be when she grows up.

Husband In My Pocket


Allie and Peter have a deal. 

If they are still unmarried at 35, they'll marry each other, have kids, and live happily ever after. But when Peter announces his marriage plans, Allie realizes it's time to imagine what her future might entail. And maybe marriage isn't it.


Big Beautiful Life

Does Joanna find her passion with the man wielding that life-altering

pain au chocolat or does their romance deflate like a sad soufflé? Do May and Jaimie rebuild their life together or dismantle it? Find out in this sequel to Big Beautiful Cow.

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